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Benefits of Monthly Subscription Memoirabilia Stationery Boxes

Membership subscriptions provide monthly stationery boxes delivered straight to your door for only $15 per month. The benefits of the Memoirabilia membership include gifting the stationery cards to further build your personal or professional network. Also, members receive exclusive access to our signature and seasonal Stationery collections and receive 10% off discounts for all services and products. Lastly, the best benefit of our monthly membership is to reward yourself with a fun stationery box design each month!


Memoirabilia Subscription | How It Works

Once a Memoirabilia membership plan has been selected, a monthly stationery box will be delivered by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month. Billing will incur on the same purchase day of the month of the selected plan billing cycle. Stationery selection does vary on seasonal availability and design is at the discretion of Memoirabilia. Due to the courtesy of possible gifting, recipients will not receive an invoice of the payment information, only an itemization receipt to ensure the correct product. Personalized messages can be included within the stationery box delivery as well. Memoirabilia membership plans include monthly (30 days), quarterly (3 months), and annually (12 months) subscriptions. Costs are only $15 per month.

Subscription Changes

In order to receive any order changes for the current month, changes such as recipient address deliveries and/or personalized messages, changes must be made by the first (1st) of the month through your customer account and/or via email ( | subject: Subscription Change). Changes made to stationery selection and design is not permitted. If you need further assistance, please contact us.


Subscription Automatic Charge Authorization

Upon registering for a subscription (and each time you change your plan,) you acknowledge and agree that Memoirabilia (or our third-party payment processor) is authorized to charge you every month (30 days), three months (quarterly), or twelve months (annually) depending on the selected plan for subscription (in addition to any applicable taxes and other charges) for an indefinite period of time until canceled by you or us. You acknowledge and agree that Memoirabilia will not obtain any additional authorizations from you for such automatic, recurring payments. The fees for the subscriptions are subject to change with proper notification.


Subscription Scheduling

Although your subscription cycle begins on the day of the month in which you first became a member, the billing cycle is on the same purchase day of the month of the selected plan billing cycle. For example, if you select the monthly (30 days) subscription plan, and your first subscription purchase was on October 20th, your next billing charge will be November 20th; each subsequent billing charge will occur on the initial date of purchase of the month of the selected plan billing cycle. Upon a successful billing charge, orders for your next box will be placed by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month. 


Subscription Cancellation

Memoirabilia reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. You may cancel subscription at any time however, cancellations must be made before the commencement of the next subscription cycle to avoid being charged. If you cancel your subscription after the commencement of the next subscription cycle and an order has been placed, your order cannot be canceled or changed. You may re-subscribe at any time provided that Memoirabilia reserves the right to not permit re-subscription where Memoirabilia has previously elected to terminate a subscription by you. 

A customer support representative can assist you with cancelling your subscription. Please note that a phone call and/or voicemail stating a request to cancel is not a cancellation. Cancellations must be done through your online account and/or via email ( | subject: Subscription Cancellation). If you cancel your subscription, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term. There is no cancellation fee. Please note that subscription accounts may only be canceled by the registered user or holder of the valid credit card on file. Members have the option to cancel or renew their subscription at the end of the membership term. As a friendly reminder when canceling your subscription, it only cancels the upcoming renewal of the subscription. Memoirabilia also reserves the right to remove any current discount codes, offers, deals, or bundles that may be associated with the account upon cancellation.

Here at Memoirabilia, we truly value and prioritize client experience. To enhance our services, please provide feedback with a brief survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please email us at for questions.


Subscription Delivery

Memoirabilia presently only ships within the United States. This is subject to change as we expand our business into new markets. As an alternative option, international customers can purchase from an international address and ship to a United States destination.


An estimated delivery time on your order will be provided to you once your order is placed. Delivery times commence from the date of shipping, rather than the date of order. Delivery times are to be used as a guide only and are subject to the acceptance and approval of your order. We will use reasonable efforts to fulfill all orders on the same day every month. Please note we ship only on business days and do not ship on holidays. Date of delivery may vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location, method of delivery, and the items ordered. Local/ same day delivery is not available for  Memoirabilia Subscriptions, please review our Shipping Policy for details.


Subscription Taxes

Orders being shipped in the United States: your total price will include the price of the product plus any applicable sales tax; such state and local sales tax is based on the shipping address and the sales tax rate in effect at the time you purchase the product. We will charge tax only in states where the goods sold over the internet are taxable. Costs are only $15 per month.

Last Updated: January 01, 2020

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